Summer Schedule 2021

Students should typically enroll in classes based on their in-coming grade level in the fall. All of our classes are advanced, and we’re usually many months ahead of school pacing. If you are a new student with a special circumstance requiring different class placement, please discuss with us when enrolling.

Please register by Friday, May 21 because we need to make preparations. After May 21, there will be a $35 late fee.

NOTE:   We do have class on Memorial Day

Attention Parents:  Register early and pay in full for a discount!

Registration Deadline         6th – 12th grade             2nd – 5th grade

April 23, 2021                           $30 off per subject        $20 off per subject

May 7, 2021                               $20 off per subject        $10 off per subject

After May 21                             $35 late fee                        $35 late fee