Huntington Education has been helping students excel for over 30 years. We offer enrichment classes for 2nd – 12th grade for Math, English, Physics, PSAT, and SAT I & II.  We have a passion for teaching and truly care about our students, and this dedication is reflected by all of our exceptional teachers at Huntington Education.

Our Philosophy

A strong foundation in math and English is critical for students to enjoy academic success. Our supplemental education classes are designed to aid remedial students who are struggling in school as well as top performers who are excelling in the classroom. We provide enrichment education that fosters high achievement and self-reliance.

Many after-school programs require students to attend classes every day. We do not believe in this quantity-over-quality approach. Instead, we offer maximal learning with minimal time spent in class.

Our math classes do much more than strengthen students’ calculation skills. They also cultivate the analytical thinking skills needed for successful problem solving. We ensure that our students are equipped to handle math word problems that so often cause them difficulty.

The English curriculum is similarly balanced. There is no quick path to becoming an excellent writer. In addition to the expected emphasis on grammar, reading comprehension, and vocabulary, we also give substantive instruction in writing structure and style. Our students learn how to analyze what they read and how to eloquently express their thoughts in their writing.

Our Mission

We equip students with the building blocks to succeed inside and outside the classroom and give them an edge in an increasingly competitive world.

Let Huntington Education help your student study “smarter,” not harder. Call (626)765-7722 for more information.