PSAT / High School Writing

Other PSAT classes solely teach what is covered on the multiple choice test. We help your student conquer the multiple choice questions as well; however, we ALSO emphasize essay writing. The PSAT does not include writing, but the SAT does. This class familiarizes students with the PSAT, and it also assists them in developing strong writing skills. Students will learn how to:

  • Analyze articles, take an argumentative position and support it with evidence, and develop strong critical reasoning skills
  • Perform literary analyses of short stories similar to what will be expected of them in their high school English classes
  • Write efficiently and persuasively based on personalized feedback from the instructor
  • Improve their critical reading and comprehension abilities
  • Identify question types and the most common methods for solving them
  • Internalize the principles of good writing so they can confidently recognize and correctly answer grammar and usage questions