SAT I Reading, Writing, & Math

Our students on average improve 270 points!

Reading & Writing

“How many vocabulary words do I need to know, and which ones?”
“Which answer choice is going to make this paragraph sound better? They all sound the same to me!”

These are some common worries students have about the Critical Reading and Writing sections of the SAT. Tackle these fears head-on in our intensive course that will cultivate all the skills you need to succeed in the SAT Critical Reading and Writing.

Although this course is suitable for students new to the SAT, it is geared toward students who have had some prior exposure. Even if you have already begun preparing for SAT Critical Reading and Writing, this course will maintain and enhance your verbal skills in the weeks leading up to the test– as they say, use it or lose it.

We won’t waste your time doing vocabulary drills in class (but we will certainly hold you accountable for doing them at home!). Instead, this accelerated course will focus on teaching high-yield concepts and strategies. Learn how to:

–  Effectively analyze passages and how authors build their arguments.

–  Identify question types and see the formulaic reasoning behind Critical Reading questions.

–  Read strategically for key information in the reading passages. Remember, you don’t have to comprehend every detail—just enough to answer the questions. Work smarter, not harder.

–  Confidently correct the writing in paragraph improvement and sentence improvement questions by learning the principles of good writing.

Unlike other test prep courses, this class is more than a chance to boost your score; it is a chance to develop lifelong critical literacy skills that ensure success in college and beyond. 


The aim of this test is to measure a student’s ability to think creatively and strategically solve problems.  The test requires much more than just recalling facts and formulas.  The questions can be one of a kind and presented in an unusual manner, which require good problem solving skills. The best way to prepare for the SAT I is to have a solid foundation in Algebra I/II and Geometry.  Many of the types of word problems and questions that show up on the SAT I are emphasized in our Algebra I/II and Geometry classes.