SAT II Math Level 2

SAT II Math level 2 includes more advanced math than the SAT I. The SAT II is typically taken toward the end of the Precalculus/Math Analysis year, but most of our students take the test in December or January. By finishing their SATII Math 2 test early, they free up time for their other exams at the end of the year. The next available test dates after January are in May or June, but high school juniors already have AP tests in May and need to prepare for other SAT II subject tests in June. We teach many of the necessary topics in advance in our Precalculus class, which is why we require students to also be enrolled in our regular math class in order to join our SAT II class. Since 2005, 43% of our students received a perfect 800, and 80% scored a 750 or higher!