Albert L – Flintridge Preparatory School,
University of Pennsylvania

I have been going here since 5th grade. Before going, I was mediocre with math at best. It was almost a foreign language. However, after going to Huntington Education, my math abilities began to grow exponentially. Soon, my math scores were almost always perfect. During the STAR testing during my middle school years, I received the max score of 600 every time. Also, during the ISEE, I scored perfect 9’s without missing a single question. The same continued for my SAT I’s and II’s, 800’s all around. My success started due to the methodology I learned from this fantastic place. I highly recommend this place. Even if you consider yourself fantastic at math, there are still things you can learn from here. I accredit most of my success and found interest in math to Huntington Education; they really help develop strong fundamentals.

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